Steven Jenkins

Steven, a true Nashville native from Middle TN, grew up in South Nashville. Graduated from Ezell-Harding Christian School, and attended Tennessee State University. After the events of 9/11, Steven left college to join the U.S. Air Force, where he has served continuously in the TN Air National Guard. He has deployed four times overseas, with three of those being to the Middle East. Steven started his law enforcement career in 2004 with the Davidson County Sheriffs Office working inside the jail, and also working part time on the departments Special Response Team (SRT). After three years at the DCSO, he transitioned to the Metro Nashville Police Department in 2007.

While at the Metro Police Department, he knew exactly what he wanted to do early in his career. Starting off in patrol, He worked one of the highest crime areas in the city, giving him an opportunity to learn how to be a real street cop, and get a ton of “real world” experience early in his career. After a short time in patrol, he moved up to a more proactive unit referred to as a flex unit. Flex units typically only work higher crime areas, and are a proactive unit concentrating on reducing crime in the roughest of neighborhoods.

After two years on Flex, he interviewed for a Detective position on a street level drug unit referred to as CSU. While in CSU, he was assigned to investigate street level drug dealers and make cases against them and their counterparts for successful prosecution. Eventually, Steven was selected to be a part of the Specialized Investigations Division. There he worked with a team of narcotics Detectives that targeted large scale drug dealers. Steven received numerous awards for his service, and outstanding achievements both in military and law enforcement over the last decade and a half, but the most rewarding thing for him was not being recognized as an individual for his achievements, but rather succeeding as a team and being able to watch his team members grow and support one another.

Anyone that knows about life in the military or law enforcement knows that you have to have the strongest of bonds with your team, and the drive to succeed at whatever your mission may be. Steven retired from the Metro Nashville PD in August 2019 with fifteen years of service and has two years left before retiring from the military, but his desire to work as a team will continue with his counterparts at Covert Results. He is excited for a new challenge, and looking forward to the opportunities that he will face as an investigator in the private sector. Life is full of surprises, but he feels that he has prepared himself mentally, and physically for whatever is to come, and is ready to share the knowledge he has gained over his last decade and a half of service with his new team so that they are successful.