Jeff Goodwin

Jeff Goodwin began in law enforcement after his father introduced him to his law enforcement friends and worked as a police dispatcher in Smithville, Tennessee in 1986. Jeff followed his fathers influence and was employed by Dekalb County Sheriffs Department in Smithville, TN. Jeff served as a police dispatcher and then as a deputy sheriff, serving in the same department with his father. Jeff worked with the sheriffs department from 1986 until he was hired by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department in 1988.  This introduction into law enforcement began his life long path which fueled the desire to conduct investigations. Once hired by the MNPD, Jeff started the MNPD Police Academy in October 1988.  Upon graduating from the police academy, Jeff worked as a patrol officer for two years. Jeff was then selected to conduct street level narcotics investigations with the Crime Suppression Unit. After a year, Jeff was transferred to the Youth Services Division, where he conducted investigations involving missing and exploited children, child custody issues, child sexual and physical abuse cases, and child death investigations. Jeff was then selected to work in the Internal Affairs Divisions in the police department, assigned to investigate complaints against police officers of all ranks, civilian employees, use of force investigations, employee misconduct, and sexual harassment, an assignment he worked for 3 years.  Jeff was then transferred to the Vice Division where he started conducting mid-level narcotics investigations. From there, Jeff was selected to represent the MNPD with the Drug Enforcement Administration as a federally sworn DEA Task Force Officer. During his tenure with DEA Task Force, he was involved with investigating federal drug crimes, wherein focus involved investigations utilizing wire tap investigations, where he served for almost four years. Jeff was also certified and responsible for investigating clandestine methamphetamine labs (Meth labs) with DEA and the MNPD. While serving with the DEA Task Force, Jeff was promoted to police sergeant. Once promoted, Jeff served in the Patrol Division were he supervised patrol officers and in specialized investigative units.  As part of responsibilities, Jeff supervised a street level narcotics unit of almost 4 years, where he supervised narcotics cases, prostitution cases/stings, and supervised a long term investigation involving a Nuisance and Abatement Court Order. Jeff transitioned to supervise the Hermitage Precinct Investigations, where he was responsible for supervising homicides, death investigations, drug over-dose cases, robberies, assaults with weapons, burglaries, and various other crimes. Jeff wanted to get back to long-term narcotics investigations, so he applied and was selected to supervise task force officers at the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force. Jeff was supervisor over a cocaine wiretap case that led to record seizures. Later, the 20th was dissolved and Jeff returned to Hermitage Precinct to supervise patrol officers. Jeff completed his career with the MNPD with almost 30 years of service with the MNPD where he enjoyed his passion while serving the citizens of Nashville, TN.            


Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN

Bachelor of Arts, Management and Human Relations


Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Certified in the Lawful Intercept of Communications (40 hours), 2014

DEA Conspiracy and Complex Investigations, 2009

DEA Basic Telecommunications Exploitation, 2007

DEA Task Force Officer Training, 2007

DEA Basic Narcotics Investigator School (80 hours), 2006

USDOJ, Institute of Investigative Technology, (80 hours) 2000

DEA Clandestine Laboratory Certification, 2008. 

South/East TN Methamphetamine Task Force, Clandestine Laboratory Investigation Certification, 2006

NES, Clandestine Laboratory Basic Safety Certification, 2006

Regional Counterdrug Training Academy, Meth and other Clandestine Lab Safety, 2005

Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories, NARK II, Progressive System of Drug Identification, 2006

Nashville State Technical Institute, Drug Identification and Effects, 1994

Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing, Basic and Advanced Courses. 1998

Claymore Inc., RECALL, Interviewing Techniques, 1997

Nashville Child Advocacy Center, Cognitive-Graphic Child Interviewer Training, 1999

American Prosecutors Research Institute, Interviewing and Preparing Children for Court, 1999

USDOJ, Basic Investigative Techniques: Missing and Abducted Children, 1996

Burroughs  & Rockhill, Inc. Management Skill Development 1998

Yavapai Firearms Academy, 1991

MNPD, Patrol Rifle Course, 2013

Police Crises Negotiator 2003-2006

MNPD, Police Crises Negotiator Training 2004

FBI, Correctional Setting Negotiations Course, 2005


Exemplary Service Award, MNPD 1996

Commendation for Service of Excellence, MNPD Chief's Coin received for "conscientious acton and observation" when led to the safe arrest of fleeing carjacking suspect and dangerous gang member. 2015 

Commendation for Service of Excellence, MNPD Chief's Coin received for arrest of burglary suspects, recovered high value items, and prevention of crime coordinated with Wilson County Sheriff's Department. 2013

Commendation for Service of Excellence, MNPD Chief's Coin received for conducting crime statistic, authoring and executing a Nuisance and Abatement Court Order, 2011

Commendation Letter, MNPD Youth Services Division, 1996

Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces, DEA, recognition for "Operation Crossover." 2010

Department of Justice, Office of the United States Attorney General, Middle District of TN, Award of Excellence in Law Enforcement. 2008

Investigator of the Month, MNPD, Investigative Services Bureau. 2008

Investigator of the Month, MNPD, Investigative Services Bureau. 1997

Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, State of Tennessee Representative for the International Law Enforcement Torch Run, Toronto, Canada1997