13 Things These Investigators WILL Do For a Lawyer!

Covert Results is full of talent and we would like to remind our law firm partners what we are capable of, by providing this non-exclusive list of tasks that one of our experienced investigators could assist you and your firm with.

  1. Find a current or former address, phone number, or vehicle for a witness

  2. Locate, retrieve, and analyze local, state, & federal cases (civil or criminal)

  3. Research property holdings, liens, and owners

  4. Discovery review

  5. Conduct interviews at homes, businesses, or even in jail

  6. Search for hidden assets

  7. Perform discreet (covert) intelligence gathering

  8. Follow someone and photograph or video the individual

  9. Give expert advice on complex investigations

  10. Obtain & Execute Subpoenas

  11. Testify in Court

  12. Complete detailed reports

  13. Last, but certainly the most important, is to make you look good !

Hire Covert Results to work efficiently in gathering detailed files to assist you in preparing for your case.  Our staff attorney will assist in drafting motions, orders, or other relevant documents at your request. From the moment your client retains you, to the date of the court hearing, we will investigate the matter to ensure you have the questions needed to adequately represent your client. Let Covert Results do your research, leaving you more time for your client.

The team at Covert Results have thousands of hours of training and decades of experience. For more information please contact an experienced professional at 615-861-1680, contact@covertresults.com, or visit our website Covertresults.com.


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