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When I was young, my dad’s police vehicle was ransacked. Driver’s side window was busted and they got a handgun and a shotgun. A truck driver in the neighborhood returned home about 3 am and jotted down a tag of a suspicious car. After my dad took the old school approach of ‘boots on the ground’ to question neighbors, he struck gold. The tag came back to the owner of a pawn shop. I was with my dad when he confronted the felon at his south Nashville home. Dad wasn’t playing and as he held his pistol on the man, telling him he wanted his guns back. Find out what happened!

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In the Books-365

One year in the books! Covert Results has had a very successful first year. From following that cheating husband at 5 am to pulling trash on a custody case, the private investigative side has been interesting. On the armed security side, Covert Results has been busy deploying active & retired officers at event venues, companies, and conferences. Our top priority, keep the client safe! As if managing a business wasn’t enough, I wanted a past experience to be known and my voice heard. Over the course of eleven months, my team and I put together one hell of a story; A book titled “Gray: Rise & Fall of 1422.”

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Tracking Down

A contact at the law office provided us with the information, telling us that they have been looking for this man for 6 months. We were also given the names of the databases that they had been relying on to look up information. We have different resources, and in our opinion, they are the best. The databases we utilize now, are the same ones that we used while Detectives with the Police Department. After a little online sleuthing, I made a list of potential addresses and headed out!

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