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Tracking Down

A contact at the law office provided us with the information, telling us that they have been looking for this man for 6 months. We were also given the names of the databases that they had been relying on to look up information. We have different resources, and in our opinion, they are the best. The databases we utilize now, are the same ones that we used while Detectives with the Police Department. After a little online sleuthing, I made a list of potential addresses and headed out!

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13 Things These Investigators WILL Do For a Lawyer!

Hire Covert Results to work efficiently in gathering detailed files to assist you in preparing for your case. Our staff attorney will assist in drafting motions, orders, or other relevant documents at your request. Let Covert Results do your research, leaving you more time for your client. CLICK on the article to view this non-exclusive list of tasks that one of our experienced investigators could assist you and your firm!

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