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When I was young, my dad’s police vehicle was ransacked. Driver’s side window was busted and they got a handgun and a shotgun. A truck driver in the neighborhood returned home about 3 am and jotted down a tag of a suspicious car. After my dad took the old school approach of ‘boots on the ground’ to question neighbors, he struck gold. The tag came back to the owner of a pawn shop. I was with my dad when he confronted the felon at his south Nashville home. Dad wasn’t playing and as he held his pistol on the man, telling him he wanted his guns back. Find out what happened!

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$$ Don't Be Cheap $$

Your employees, your guests, your lives should be the number one priority. So, for 2019 make a New Year Resolution, and add security to your budget. Whether it’s grandma going to the local fruit stand or a fortune-500 company, crime is all around us and everyone is susceptible. It happens. The population keeps rising and the police force is diminishing. All you can do is prepare yourself!

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